La province de Namur, au coeur de votre quotidien
Hôtel**** - Restaurant d'application

Château de Namur - Hôtel **** - Application restaurant

Our partners, by business :

Schools and Province of Namur

Team building





Sono - Photo

Party items

Gluttony - Decoration



Hotel School of the Province of Namur

Specializing in motorized activities and water (Buggy - ATV - Kayak ...)

Audiovisual equipment

 Research Office
Sales & Rental Audiovisual Equipment

Floral decoration

Wedding dress and his entourage - holding child

High school of Province of Namur

Activities inside or outside the site of the Château de Namur

Sound and light for all dancing party...

Articles pyrotechnic

theme parties


Exclusive car rental


Hotel **** - Restaurant under EHPN - Your servant

 Rentals & fun rides by Segway in and around Namur




Photo essay


Dessert party with original flavors



In the dungeons of Fort Orange and the Citadel of Namur


Festive Decorating theme

Au fil de vos idées,

Milliner Original Creations



 Team building - incentive anywhere in Belgium