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Newest press release

September 2011

Extract from CONFLUENT # 420 (9 sept.2011) :

"Le Château de Namur. Whether high or Champion Boulevard de la Meuse legs, day or evening, as the needle of the compass, the arrow of the Château de Namur guide and reminds many of we spent some quality time around the tables of gourmet restaurant l'Ermitage .............
........ As outlined in the very friendly chefs Jean-Marc and Axel Préaux Devillers is a classic cuisine inventive they prefer. I would add that it is also very pleasant, healthy and light. ........" Nicole Mainjot



May 2011
Extract HORECA REVIEW May (37th year No. 4):

"Any close to the Citadel of Namur, the Hotel School Provinciale de Namur (EHPN) is also a partner of choice in the world of catering. After graduation, students are often very well received by their future employers ... .. "
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"Guide Gourmand de Namur" :

The press conference for the presentation of gourmet guide of Namur is made in our walls, with its author Joëlle Rochette and his co-author, Denis Mathen our Governor. For more information, please follow the link:

Contest Winners Romeyer 2011:

3 students won the competition EHPN Romeyer 2011. For more information, please follow the link:



February 2011

The winner of "Comme un Chef" (first edition) on RTBF: Simon Fosty


  Extract from the 19th of February edition

" Simon and Amandine, two future chefs trained in Namur "